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What We Do:

  • Source Metal Products for Industrial Manufacturing from China specializing in Brass and Copper

  • Partner with Chinese Manufacturers

  • Engineers Provide Independent Control of:

    • Quality
    • Production
    • Packaging
    • Shipping

SAQL's Sourcing And Quality Assurance Services:


SAQL will provide all the necessary communications for our customers. This includes translation of documents, provision of translators and guides during visits and currency exchange facilities.

SAQL is focused on enabling our customers to have a pleasant and productive experience utilizing China and the Pacific Rim to maintain a competitive market advantage.

Shipping and Export

Our US based logistics team has all the import and export licenses to process your product through customs and provide you door-to-door service. SAQL maintains an on time delivery record and continuously monitors various shipping lines to ensure the lowest possible freight charges.

Quality Assurance

Our quality teams are involved from start to finish during production of your product. They have three objectives:

  1. Ensure that the manufacturer's quality assurance is effective and set to the right standard, paying particular attention to in-process quality systems
  2. Carry out customer specified final inspections of their product
  3. Ensure packaging is designed for overseas shipping

Process Improvement

SAQL implements continuous improvement in each factory. Our engineers and quality experts lead and assist the factory management toward improvement goals. All of our current Asian partners have undergone tremendous improvements under the guidance of SAQL's experts.

Factory Assessment

SAQL develops relationships with those companies we determined to have the ability to rapidly improve towards world-class manufacturing. During assessments SAQL performs an in-depth analysis of the management team, processes, quality, equipment, and business practices. Each factory we partner with has been assessed for capacity, quality, reliability, speed, flexibility and value for money.


SAQL has experienced teams based in China with extensive knowledge of the Chinese manufacturing infrastructure. We have been able to identify a range of local manufacturers capable of producing quality-tubing products.


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